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mail-house services & component assembly
Consistency. Clarity. Quality.

Save time and money by outsourcing your mail-house and component assembly projects. Our proven experience enables us to customize each job and meet your specific parameters with efficiency, accuracy and within budget. You can rest assured that a knowledgeable project manager will supervise the process from planning and development, straight through to production and shipping.

As part of our fulfillment services, we offer extensive custom handwork capabilities for jobs that cannot be readily automated by machines. These services are also available to manage any odd-size pieces or specialty packaging requirements.

Inkjet Imaging & Addressing
Wafer Sealing
Letter Quality Addressing
Letter Personalization
List Acquisition & Management
Postage & Permit Metering
Live Stamp Affixing
Cheshire Labeling

Automated Collation
Hand Sorting & Inserting
Shrink Wrapping
Bar Coding
Packing and Labeling
Hand Assembly
Warehousing & Distribution

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