At RPI, our experienced staff is always available to assist you in creating distinctive packaging solutions that meet your specific needs. We begin by learning as much as we can about your marketing objectives, and how they relate to the project we're about to undertake. Listening carefully is critical to our understanding of what it is you are trying to accomplish, and vital to achieving the absolute best results.

We'll Explain Your Options.
Armed with an understanding of your goals, your RPI Project Manager will promptly review the parameters of your job with the heads of both our Design and Manufacturing Teams. Upon evaluation of all elements, budget considerations and required delivery dates, he or she will recommend an approach designed to maximize both the functionality and visual impact of your finished product.

The Rest Is Easy.
Upon your approval of concept, approach and production schedule, your job will be on its way to becoming a reality. From timely status reports to our quality control procedures and guarantee of on-time delivery, you can rest assured knowing your job is being monitored every step of the way by an experienced Project Manager.

At RPI, our procedures were designed to eliminate many of the hassles you might normally encounter when dealing with multiple vendors. We have an appreciation for the growing responsibilities and added pressures our clients face in today's ever changing workplace. Because of that, simplifying your life will always be a priority at RPI.